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USExploration has forged a sales & distribution partnership with WellTech Products which will expand our product offerings, but more importantly provide closer contact & better service to contractors in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast & New England.  Kris Bickford brings a wealth of industry knowledge & experience to this new relationship & working from his eastern, Pennsylvania office – provides a more responsive, face-to-face service model to contractors & OEM’s in the region. WellTech Products is a manufacturer of custom built Aluminum Locking Well Protectors, Locking Steel Vaults & Manhole Covers – a natural compliment to USExploration’s Geo-Environmental product offerings…building on USExploration’s 10-year old mission statement of –
“…with service the way it used to be…”
This new relationship fortifies USExploration’s hand-shake style of doing business with closer client contact serviced by WellTech Products.

USExploration Equipment Company is now the United State’s largest manufacturer of weld-on Casing Shoes, with diameters ranging from 6-inch (152.4 mm) Hole Size to 36-inch (.9 m) Hole Size – used predominantly in hard rock and other difficult overburden applications, they serve as the best way to assure that your conductor, surface or production casing are “seated” properly every step of the way.  Standard designs with 5/8-inch (15.9 mm) wide cutting face are typically armed with tungsten carbide (button or ballistic style) inserts, while our complete line of 1-1/8-inch (29 mm) wide Shoes include flushing ports for clearing away cuttings when advancing with high-pressure air - in rock.  Shoes with up to 3-3/8-inch (85.7 mm) wide cutting surfaces have already found their way to the bottom of holes in both the Utica and Marcellus shale formations.  Originally designed for Dual-Rotary applications (advancing two casing sizes, rotating in opposite directions simultaneously to create the bore hole while you drill), our casing shoes can be adapted to both conventional (vertical) and unconventional (horizontal) exploration methods…with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Indiana and eastern Pennsylvania – we have the largest shale based oil & gas “play” in the U.S. “sandwiched” right in middle…